To undertake the practical assessment, you must present with the following equipment*. Failure to do so will result in the assessment being aborted and the participant will incur the cost of re-assessment ($595 + GST).

  1. Complete DBYD Plans for assessment location ordered in the candidate’s name
    (complete print outs or loaded onto an at least 10inch tablet)
  2. Photo ID and Construction White Card
  3. Cable locator instrument and calibration certificate (calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements) with the following minimum requirements:
    – Multiple frequencies ( min of 3 low, medium & high)
    – Peak and Null Modes
    – Current Measurement
    – Automatic Gain must be able to be turned off
  4. Transponder locator (Multiple frequency locator that can locate Telco & sewer passive marker/Transponder marker at a minimum. Gas & water also recommended)
  5. Gas detector must test:
    – Combustibles (LEL)
    – Oxygen (O)
    – Carbon Monoxide (CO)
    – Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
  6. Duct rodding equipment and sonde
  7. Manhole guards (e.g. Telstra or equivalent)
  8. Manhole keys
  9. 450mm witches hats
  10. Telstra pit seal breaker tool
  11. Applicable safety management signs
  12. Site record (book or form) / hire docket
  13. Safety document (e.g. JSA or Take 5)
  14. First aid kit
  15. High-Vis workwear

* Please contact us if you are travelling by plane and we will discuss alternative arrangements.