Four hour Training Course

This course covers the requirements and regulatory obligations of locating and identifying subsurface utilities for Site Managers, HSE Managers Supervisors and Leading Hands on construction sites where excavation work is proposed to be carried out.

The course will inform participants of their legislative obligations and will introduce techniques and procedures that will enable the participant to make informed judgement before excavating around subsurface utilities.

The objectives of the course are to:

  • Provide information on recent changes to workplace safety legislation
  • Raise awareness of the process required to locate subsurface utilities
  • Applying Australian Standard 5488 quality levels to reduce the possibility of damage and additional cost
  • Provide suggested control measures to reduce the risk of damages and injury

Course Content

  • Legal obligations
  • Reasons for incidents
  • Consequences
  • Lodging a DBYD enquiry
  • Plan reading
  • Australian Standard AS 5488
  • Certified Locators
  • The Five P’s of safe excavation


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