Introducing the Five P’s of Safe Excavation

Plan ahead by lodging your Dial Before You Dig enquiry at least two business days before starting any excavation to ensure you have the correct information and safety measures in place. (AS 5488 Quality level D).

Engage a DBYD Certified Locator – the essential second step which includes interpreting utility plans, looking for onsite clues, identifying utility assets and undertaking electronic location (AS 5488 Quality level B) prior to potholing.

To establish the exact location of all underground infrastructure, pothole if permitted using the asset owner’s stated method as specified on the asset owner’s plan and / or information pack. (AS 5488 Quality level A).

If potholing has occurred, protect the infrastructure by using various methods; such as communicating to all working on site, erecting barriers and / or marking the location of the exposed infrastructure.

You should only proceed with your excavation work after you have planned, prepared, potholed (unless prohibited) and have protective measures in place.

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DCL Appoints Managing Director Robert Row 
DBYD Certification Ltd (DCL) is proud to announce the appointment of Robert Row as Managing Director. Robert commenced his tenure on 3rd July 2017 and is looking forward to working with locators, asset owners, contractors and the Dial Before You Dig community to provide a service that assists in minimising damages to utility owners assets. Robert is a registered builder with over 40 years experience in the construction industry. Concurrently he also has thirty years in the vocational education and training sector and ten years as a Director of Dial Before You Dig (Qld) Ltd.

DCL Candidate Manual
We are updating our manual for candidates undertaking the DBYD Locator Certification process. All current candidates will receive an electronic pdf copy next week. Please take the time to read it as it contains valuable information that will assist you in preparing for the assessment process. Any constructive feedback that you may have is most welcome – please email [email protected]

DBYD Locator Recertification Process
As Certified Locators are aware certificates are valid for a period of two years after which they will need renewal. At a recent stakeholder meeting that included representatives of DBYD, NULCA and asset owners, the requirements and process for recertification was agreed on and forwarded to the DCL Board for consideration. This procedure has now been ratified. The Board has made the decision that locators whose certificates expire in July, August and September 2017 have until 30 September 2017 to complete recertification requirements. All other locators will be required to be recertified by the due date. Details regarding requirements will be posted on our website shortly.

Click here to download the DCL July Newsletter.

DCL is proud to support the NULCA Damage Prevention Conference
NULCA’s inaugural Damage Prevention Conference will be held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre from 13-15 September 2017. The conference is focused on damage prevention of underground utility assets as well as the skills and emerging technologies required to achieve this.

For further information and to register visit https://event.nulca.com.au/


Dear Valued Partners,
When we launched the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) Certified Locator program in October 2015, it’s true to say we were unsure of how it would be received by the locating community. We have been both surprised and delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response of our asset owning members, the locating community and the construction industry. We no longer consider our goal of 2000 locator enrollments by 2018 a stretch target. It’s very much achievable. And we have you to thank in large part for this, and so we extend our most heartfelt appreciations for your support and endorsement of the program. We look forward to catching up to hear of the benefits it is bringing to your day-to-day operations, and hopefully, to your bottom line.

When we began the journey of developing the DBYD Certified Locator program some two years ago, we invested both time and money in delivering a complete and comprehensive competency framework and online / face-to-face development service that would set the benchmark for the reliability of location service. At commencement, we set a price that was felt would be fair to all. Unfortunately, given the uptake and the costs involved in now offering the service nationwide, we now find that the costs of delivery are far above what we are currently receiving and regrettably a price increase is unavoidable.

Effective 1st March 2017 the cost of registration for the DBYD Certified Locator program will be $1195 (ex GST), which includes the free online Self-Assessment, the Theory Assessment, and the Practical Assessment which our Assessors offer at a location convenient to both parties. The Practical Assessment Re-sit fee will be $595 (ex GST). All registrations submitted before the 1st March will be honored at the existing price.

With this comes our continued commitment to minimizing asset damage, and to offer a service that enables safe and efficient operations.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and we look forward to catching up with you again soon.

DBYD Locator Certification Info Sessions

Watch the recording of the Info Session held in Brisbane on 24th November here.

14/08/2015 – First Certified Dial Before You Dig locator

Congratulations to Scott Masters from Orbital Underground Services for becoming the first Certified Dial Before You Dig locator.