DBYD CERTIFICATION LIMITED (DCL) has been set up to offer certification for locators working with asset owners and contractors. The Certification recognises locators who have demonstrated a high level of understanding and practical expertise. Our mission is to deliver training and certification to ensure the location of network infrastructure. Our vision is to have safer communities through training and locator certification.

What it means to be a DBYD Certified Locator

In recent years the asset owning members of DBYD have voiced their concerns surrounding the inconsistency of skill sets associated with locating, which can lead to damages to their respective assets or more concerning serious injuries to workers or the general public.

DBYD has addressed this concern by developing a rigorous assessment for locating that contains both theory and practical elements.

It is the intention of DBYD and supported by its members that locators will aspire to be a DBYD Certified Locator. Having successfully passed the assessment the locator will have recognition that he/she has met a standard that is endorsed by our asset owning members and will be listed on the DCL website as a DBYD Certified Locator.

DBYD is “The Essential First Step” and we now see engaging a DBYD Certified Locator as “The Essential Second Step”.


Telstra endorses the DBYD Locator Certification Programme for asset locators and it forms the new core national training qualification component for Telstra’s Accredited Plant Locator accreditation. Optus similarly endorses the DBYD Locator Certification for Optus Accredited Plant Locators. The Certification is further fully supported by the Queensland Water Directorate.

The National Utility Locating Contractors Association (NULCA) is committed to improving locating standards across Australia and recognises the DBYD Certification process as a major step in the right direction.





DBYD – Certified Locator

Our partners gave us a pretty awesome 'wrap' in this little video. Special thanks to Adrian Wellington Telstra and Ian Lambert Nulca Australia Inc. for your time and support of the DBYD Certified Locator program.

Posted by DBYD Certification Ltd on Wednesday, March 1, 2017